About Us

Welcome to Three Hearts Saddlery!

Thank You for taking the time to stop by for a visit, we truly appreciate it.

Three Hearts is a family owned business that specializes in “custom” western saddles, tack and other leather craft.  Everything we build is “custom” built to your specifications and desires and therefore can take a “little” longer for you to receive and enjoy. But we believe it is truly worth the wait.

As with so many things in life “half the fun” is in getting there and we promise to make this journey as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We actually look forward to the opportunity to become “Friends” with our customers and truly wish that 100 years from now your grandchildren are still riding the saddle we build for you.

The “Three Hearts” that make up this family owned business are:

 group photo

Sarah, the “teenager”, who we like to think “can ride anything with hair on it”, if we can just get her out to the barn and away from boys…

Kim, my partner, my best friend, my lover and wife and the “brains” of the operation, who has a more “English” background and rides dressage…which might account for her being the “brains” and

Mike, the “brawn”, the “maker” and creator of most of the products that we will build for you.

In addition to all of this, we are “horse people” which probably means we are a little nuts… We are “owned” by four horses at the present time, “Classical Symphony” (Sym), a thoroughbred (Dressage dude…AKA: Spoiled), “Déjà vu” (Dej), a Tennessee Walker(the biggest heart a horse has ever owned), “Nike”, an Appendix Thoroughbred( Who unfortunately takes after the Thoroughbred… kinda like “Dennis the Menace”) and my personal favorite, “Raider”, the large black Percheron, who I ride. We can truly say that horses are a big part of our lives here at Three Hearts Farm and Saddlery and we are practitioners of natural horsemanship training methods (Clinton Anderson, John Lyons and Pat Parelli, among others).